This is the semifinals of the "Losers Bracket" for "Dub Battle", folks.

Recently English, Danish and German are proceed into Semifinals, while Polish, Italian and French are eliminated on this tournament.

Ok! Let's check it out!

Losers Bracket Sep 29 2016 7 am

Castillian-Spanish Starlight voices in "Say Goodbye for the Holiday" sounds like an old witch but its pretty good. (7.4/10)

Norwegian "Perfect Day for Fun" is pretty good, obviously.

Korean "Cutie Mark Crusaders song" sounds pretty funny, it sounds as par as Japanese.

Greek's "Friends are Always There for You" at 0:58, I misheard this into "Yang saling ikat"(which means "Which bonds each other" in Indonesian), and it's pretty good though(9.5/10).

And Hebrew, I don't know further about this one.

Ok! This is my rating for "Giggle at the Ghosties" song.

Castillian-Spanish - 6.7/10 - Hmmm... Pinkie sounds pretty old and some Spanish youtubers prefer English ones because this version sounds horrible.

Norwegian - 6.8/10 - Okay. But, the mane six laugh at 0:53 are missing.

Hebrew - 8.1/10 - Good. But not as close as the original.

Greek - 5.8/10 - This one sounds weird, IMO.

Korean - 9.8/10 - This is great! Much similar as Japanese.

Japanese - 10/10 - Pinkie-chan wa kawaii desu!~~

Voting is now over, the results is.

Norwegian - 0

Greek - 2

Japanese - 2

Hebrew - 1

Korean - 3

Castilian-Spanish - 0

And, so.. Norwegian, Hebrew and Castilian-Spanish are eliminated on this bracket whereas Greek, Japanese and Korean dub are going to the Final on the Losers Bracket.

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