Alright! the Part 2 of "Awesome, Awkward and Awful" dubs has been started! Anyway.. This is not like 32 and 64 tournament bracket. this is for 24 tournament bracket, but only three who can entered into the final round. (Round of 6 is for Semifinals and Round of 12 is for Quarterfinals)

International Language Tournament as Saturday

For Czech one. Almost any season 1-2 dubbed songs are infamously awful just like any of Mishovy Silenosti videos, which are also absolutely "hrozny".
In Season 3-onwards, the dub has been improved. However, in "Hearts as Strongs as Horses", the CMC's sound like an old woman and "You'll Play Your Part" song, Czech Luna sounds like a male. In "The Goof Off" and "Pinkie the Party Planner". That lyrics made me funny because I mishearing into Indonesian word like "Balon nipu beli nih" at 0:31 and "Sekali lagi kek! Make nyang ke situ hee..!" at 0:26. But, only if you're understand in Indonesian language.

Macedonian has Applejack and Rainbow Dash voices, whose sounded like a male.

And Castilian one, in "Bats" song. There's another misheard again in "Stop the Bats" part like "Habis Pulsa", which only Indonesian user will know, and "This is Our Big Night" song, before the dubbed song has been started, even Castilian-Spanish Rarity can speaks English misheardly like "I get it Larson! For All-Star! For Paloozaa!" . Unfortunately, "In Our Town". Starlight voice sounds like an old woman..

Voting is now over, here are the results.

Castilian(Spanish) - One-derful

Czech - Zero

Macedonian - Zero

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