Welcome to the next International Dubs Tourney, alias "Dub Battle".

International Language Tournament 7 Sep 2016

For Norwegian one, two of the dubbed songs(In Our Town and I'll Fly) were mishearded by Nevel Yashgi, and in "Better Than Ever" at 0:19, I misheard "Summon till' and party".

In "Shine Like Rainbows" on Latino dub, we have "Come on call Leafy" at 1:08 and some of the lyrics are misheard into Indonesian word.

In Ukrainian one, while Season 1-4 songs are infamously voiceover, but Season 5 songs are much improving, and "Equestria, the Land I Love" that I considered this is the best dubbed songs I've even heard.

In Serbian one, at 0:07 in "Becoming Popular" song, I misheard the lyrics into "Nay, 'bout to beat you.". And I gonna review "Equestria Girls: Friendship Games" on this dub in Minimax, unfortunately, Sugarcoat sounds like a male, but on the "fun" side, even Serbian Minimax Fluttershy says "Awful" misheardly at 11:29 in the part 1 of the movie which that I reviewed.

In Russian one, I only know by mishearding these lyrics in "Babs Seed" song, at 0:58 I misheard into "Oh yeah it's called rot it smoulder mockry dute papoy".

And in "The Magic Inside" on Greece one, her voice sounds pretty magnificently amazing.

Alright! Voting is now over.

Norwegian - 1

Latino - 1

Ukrainian - 0

Serbian - 1

Russian - 1

Greek - 0

Sudden Death!

I'm gonna picking the Latino one, over the Norwegian one.
So, Latino, Serbian and Russian are proceeds into next round, and the losers are going into different brackets.

So, that's all folks!

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