Welcome to the another of the "Dub Battle", folks!

I couldn't access Vimeo because it was blocked by Indonesian government.

Previously...Latino, Serbian and Russian are proceeds into Round 2, whereas Greek, Ukrainian and Norwegian are on the Losers Bracket.

And.. OK! Let's check it out!

International Language Tournament 11 Sep 2016

In "Cafeteria Song" on European Portuguese, at 2:43, I misheard into "Too vase to selfie prieselle, wonder it couldn't that" whereas Slovak's "You Got to Share, You Got to Care" at 0:40, I misheard into "Pou Dio shut t-yay Smack Down prev Yesh, Sir Tank Top muh rich".
However, European Portuguese's "Smile Song", at the beginning in the song, Pinkie and their choir are sing together instead.

Brazilian Portuguese's "The Magic Inside" is pretty good, and at 2:23, she says "Como aye sassle to Sailor Moon~". However, on other hand, the "Giggle at the Ghosties", "Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song" and "Cutie Mark Crusaders" are not really good and sometimes out of tune. In "In Our Town" at 1:23, I misheard into "No want pizza tail nose, see meme gang soy nyah". And at 1:36, she says "Peso gepeng mustard lay to, mopo thank say you'll ya.."("Gepeng" means squashed in Indonesian.)

In Arabic, I know the "Pinkie Pie Singing Telegram" sounds weird. In "Cupcakes Song" at 0:41, she says "Alucard" which is funny. And "I'll Fly", her singing voice has much full effort on it, like how great about this song was.

Swedish's "Art of the Dress" song at 0:04, she says "Stink for stinks, say at the to sunburns.. Twilight stress, cry to the monster kick for sip".

Besides any of the Japanese Opening theme are amazing, every songs in Japanese dub are always amazing except the "Art of the Dress", "The Heart Carol", "Becoming Popular" and "Love is In Bloom" which are left undubbed. Hovewer, someone complains about autotune, which I don't really care.

Alright! Voting is now over. Here are the results.

European-Portuguese - 1

Slovak - 0

Brazilian-Portuguese - 1

Arabic - 0

Swedish - 1

Japanese - 0 !!

*claps slowly and shaking my head*

Unbelieveable... Your favourite Japanese dub has zero votes, like "Are you serious!?".

Okay, Arabic, Slovak and Japanese dub. I'll see you in the Losers Bracket, folks!

(My gosh...)

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