Welcome to the another "Dub Battle" folks.

Previously. Slovak, Arabic and Japanese(I'm sorry) were throwned into Losers Bracket, while European-Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese and Swedish are going to the next round.

OK! Lets check it out!

International Language Tournament 14 Sep 2016

English original, which you already know that. The "Shine Like Rainbows - MLP: Equestria Girls - Rainbow Rocks! [HD]" uploaded by Letupita725HD, at 0:53, I misheard this into.

"And the salt, that be here, in our horns
It's up plus cendol~~.. ("Cendol" is a traditional dessert originated from Indonesian)
And the light, that we nice, in the dark
It makes us smonggo~~.."(I misheard wrongly...)

However, I couldn't explain any further about this original language.

For Finnish, in "ACADECA" song there's "I mean then was was" at 2:36, "Buka Yatta" at 2:24("Buka" means "open" in Indonesian and "Yatta" means "did it" in Japanese), "Ku ingat kalian... Buka otak" at 2:26("Ku ingat kalian" and "Otak" means "I remember you" and "brain" in Indonesian, respectively.) , and "Buka pala lu" at 2:35("pala lu" means "your head" in Indonesian as a slang.)
In "We'll Make Our Mark" song in Finnish dub, we have "No nare Keemsun." at 0:22 and "Siapa smerke yum mare ech cheat team.. Kawan-kawan" ("Siapa" and "Kawan-kawan" means "Who" and "Fellow friends" in Indonesian, respectively)

Polish's "Rules of Rarity" has any of misheard words like "Emolga does Imron, all ponies smerk were that, Emolga share to vain" at 0:40

Hebrew's "The Super Duper Party Pony" was mishearded by Nevel Yashgi, and in "Smile Song", at 0:40, I misheard "Us tooly like k-he youk tetap begal". (the word "tetap" and "begal" means "still" and "robber"(mostly related to motorcycles), respectively)

Danish's "I'll Fly" lyrics are hilarious to misheard, for example at 0:33
"Sonic loon(2x),
Hey yeah! For wing on never die
Now becau~~ at beli sepatu("Beli sepatu" means "buying shoes" in Indonesian)
Believe for her for smile
Yakin dah stupid him more(The words "yakin" and "sabtu" means "sure" and "Saturday" in Indonesian, respectively)
Sabtu can believe on here
You for him dully summer days
I think because sniff and mere."
Also, in "Say Goodbye To The Holiday", at 1:58, Starlight misheardly said "Lie in cool hell".

And Korean Pinkie Pie nails English ones, also in "Smile song", I misheard to "Tahan kek Smile" at 3:22. ("Tahan kek Smile" means "Hold on with smile" in Indonesian)

Voting is now over. The results is.

English vs. Finnish

English - 1 -> 1 -> 2

Finnish - 0 -> 1 -> 1

Polish vs. Hebrew

Polish - 1 -> 1 -> 2

Hebrew - 0 -> 1 -> 1

Danish vs. Korean

Danish - 1 -> 1 -> 2

Korean - 0 -> 1 -> 1

This tourney suffers lack any number of votes. Oh dear..
Well, since English is dominating on this tourney, Finnish, Hebrew and Korean. See you soon on the Losers Bracket.

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