Hello! Welcome to the another "Dub Battle" folks!

Recently, English, Polish and Danish went to the second round, while Finnish, Hebrew and Korean went into the Losers Bracket.

OK! Let's check it out!

International Language Tournament 17 Sep 2016 4 pm

"Winter Wrap Up" Slovene has the Mane 6, who voiced by two voice actors.

Italian version has an amazing opening theme.

French Big Macintosh says "What" misheardly instead of "Eeyup" in "Apples to the Core" song.

Dutch "Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song" and "Pinkie Pie Singing Telegram" is pretty weird. In "I'll Fly" song, RD sounds sometimes awkward, but I rated this song around 6.5/10.

"Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song" in German has an awkward Pinkie singing voice, while the "At the Gala" song is really good.

And, Castilian Spanish, has won the Noobcomers round are going to the Round 1.

Alright! Voting is now over! The results is!..

Slovene - 1

Italian - 2

French - 2

Dutch - 1

German - 2

Castilian-Spanish - 1

Italian, French and German wins for this round and moving to the Round 2, while Slovene, Dutch and Castilian-Spanish are going to the Losers Bracket.

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