There it is. The second round of "Dub Battle".

International Language Tournament 22 Sep 2016 9 pm

In Serbian Minimax version of the song "At the Gala" (not the Mini Ultra ones) at 1:42, right the trumpet plays before the RD part starts, the choir sounds echoed. and the Mini version, there's a little problem at 2:54, right the choir says "Into the Gala" in the final part of the song.
Serbian Mini version "The Goof Off" at 0:32, unfortunately, Pinkie sounds out of tune a little bit. While Minimax version at 1:17, Cheese says "Many Trevor Ospek-Ospek-Ospek"("Ospek" means "student orientation" in Indonesian.)

Swedish version of "At the Gala" has beautiful Fluttershy voices.

I don't have any further details for Latino, Brazilian-Portugese, European-Portugese and Russian.

Voting is now over. The results is.

Latino - 0

Serbian - 2

Russian - 1

European-Portuguese - 1

Brazilian-Portuguese - 1

Swedish - 1

Sudden Death!

I pick European-Portuguese, over Russian,

and I pick Swedish, so. Brazilian-Portuguese are eliminated.

So... That's all folks.. Bye-bye!

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