Welcome to the "Dub Battle" folks.

Recently Hebrew, Castilian-Spanish and Korean are proceed to Semifinal, while Finnish, Dutch and Slovene are eliminated on this tourney.

OK! Let's check it out!

International Language Tournament 28 Sep 2016 5 pm

Whoa! Polish dub will be challenged versus English original.

Danish's "Luna's Future" song sounds pretty amazing just like Castilian-Spanish.

Italian's "Shake Your Tail" song at 0:14, I misheard these lyrics into..
"Manor sisa(2x), ku minta remote
Setia mungkin(2x), sarapan pastiku
So no took keep Lee
Aksinya mau menuju for
In front annoy"

For who doesn't understand Indonesian, there you go.

Sisa = Left, the rest, remaining
Ku minta remote = I want remote
Setia mungkin = faithful(friend) as possible
Sarapan pastiku = Surely I breakfast
Aksinya mau menuju = The action will towards

German's "Bats" song at 1:59, I misheard into "Hi vampire, glad for here, fear for heaven year for still".

Cheese Sandwich in French unfortunately, he sounds odd and pretty different in my opinion.

Voting is now over, the results is

English - 3

Polish - 2

Danish - 2

Italian - 1

French - 1

German - 2

And, Thats all folks! Polish, Italian and French, were eliminated on this tourney.

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