Welcome to the Semifinals of the "Dub Battle" folks.

Previously Greek, Japanese and Korean dub are going to the Losers Bracket Finals, while Norwegian, Hebrew and Castilian-Spanish dub are lost on this tourney.

International Language Tournament 2 Oct 2016 3 pm

Here's my rating for the six versions "Rules of Rarity" song.

Serbian - 9.1/10 - This sounds pretty good. It has a word "nekad" at 2:31, which means "reckless" in Indonesian.

European Portuguese - 6.5/10 - Her singing is so awkward and out of tune sometimes.

Swedish - 8.4/10 - Her voices sounds pretty good, but I can't explain any further. And I don't think some Swedish people who didn't like the Swedish dub either.

Danish - 9.1/10 - She sounds like a 15-year old girl and it's pretty good.

German - 8.9/10 - This one sounds pretty good.

English - 9.3/10 - This one beats any most of the other languages besides Japanese version.

BTW sorry, I couldn't research these dubs any further.

After Semifinals, the Finals consists for three languages, which they will compete each other. And the last one is True Finale, which only one who has won the Main Bracket will be challenged with the winner of the Losers Bracket. So, this tourney only lasted about 39 days.

Voting is now over, the results is.

Serbian - 1

Euro-Portuguese - 3

Swedish - 1

English - 3

Danish - 3

German - 1

So. Serbian, Swedish and German are eliminated, while English, Euro-Portuguese and Danish are going to the Finals.

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