Welcome to the Final Round of "Dub Battle" folks!

Recently, English original was won on the Finals of the Main Bracket, while European-Portuguese and Danish dub were eliminated on this tourney.

And thats it, fellow Wikian's. English versus Japanese.

While Japanese dub only dubbed S1, S2, EqG movies and the songs (except "Art of the Dress", "The Heart Carol", "Love is In Bloom", "Winter Wrap Up" and any of Equestria Girls songs), English original is very popular and has the highest total votes in this tourney.

Sorry, I don't know any further research about both original and Japanese.

Alright! Voting is now ended.

Besides me, only had the two comments on this tourney.(the first one is from Round 2a)

English - 1

Japanese - 4

Congratulations Japanese dub! You have won on this tournament!

You've lost by Swedish dub because a lack of number of votes. So, you're moved into the "Losers Bracket".

Your total votes were tied with the Arabic dub. So, I let you win via Sudden Death.

You defeated Hebrew dub in Semifinals.

You defeated Greek and Korean in Finals.

And, you defeated English original because you have a full effort about this dub.

Head on to "Hall of Fame" for results. And thanks to the fellow Wikians. Bye-bye.

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