Dear Princess Celestia...

I suppose that this is my very first blog post. How exciting! Brace yourselves for this very fascinating... incredible...

Okay, not so fascinating or incredible. I think that the words that I am looking for are... "ridiculous" and "redundant".

You see, as much as I would love to urge the incredulous workers of the show about this increasingly-popular subject, we must think about it in a subjunctive way. 

I have seen representation produce positive results. In fact, Cartoon Network's Steven Universe is a massive breakthrough in such a thing. With their especially infamous characters, ranging from nonbinary all the way to lesbian, it is obvious that fellow fans of My Little Pony would prod the franchise with anger. 

"Let's make Lyra and Bon Bon a couple!" Shouts one. "They're just background characters! No child would notice!" 

"Can't Rainbow Dash be a lesbian?" Another suggests. "The children won't notce the difference."

There appears to be a whole theme, here, with "children" and how they won't "notice". To which I say, they absolutely would. Imagine the following scenario: Twilight meets up with her friends for a Hearts and Hooves Day party, in which Lyra and Bon Bon can be seen holding hooves and handing gifts to one-another. Yes, this could be a friend thing, but a handful of children would also be viewing the scene with a parent. We have already seen subjects such as disabilities shown and refuted against on the show... Example being: Derpy Hooves.

"A pegasus that's cross-eyed is simply ableist!" Mothers complained to Hasbro, My Little Pony's studio. This caused the studio to replace the voice actress for the mare and go back and fix scenes with the mare in them. Imagine the rage that would occur from two technicolour mares kissing!

As much as I would love tolerance and acceptance of all backgrounds to be taught from such a young age, we must let the show grow onwards and become what it intends to be. It doesn't need to have LGBT representation to validfy it as the great show that it already is.