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    My Season 6 Overview

    January 21, 2017 by Fermin-Tenava

    With Season 7 rushly approaching, I wanted to reset my mind and throw a look on last season. There were questions and thoughts that have piled up over the last weeks, about themes, strengths, flaws and especially over-all tendencies of this seasons.
    And while all seasons of MLP had their own unique ups and downs, this was the season that was – for most people – a little bit more lackluster than the others.
    It would be a lie to say that I don’t see where they come from.
    In my eyes, a lot of episodes had similar problems. And though they weren’t exactly awful, they didn’t take as many chances as earlier seasons – probably to bite time until former chief editor Meghan McCarthy comes back from writing the MLP movie.
    But let us not beat around the …

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  • Fermin-Tenava

    Of one thing I’m pretty sure: If this isn’t the most infamous base breaker of MLP, then I don’t want to see the episode that tops it.
    Magical Mystery Cure? Equestria Girls? Please!
    I think the only other episode that’s equal in terms of badness might be “One Bad Apple”. In fact, they are pretty similar: A touchy subject matter, a lot of unpleasantness and bad characterization of a mean-spirited character, that was bullied before and decides to bully others in return. With the difference that barely anyone tries to defend “One Bad Apple”.
    Why is that? I really struggle to see why.
    Maybe the defenders think that Fluttershy is a little more justified in her behaviour than Babs – after all, we see her problems throughout the whole episode, while Ba…

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