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  • I live in Pretty Chill Empire, Space Mall
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is to argue with a baby-eating sasquatch
  • I am Batman
  • Filly Please

    Hello, it's my again Filly Please with yet another podcast-ish type of blog of me voicing what I think to the whole lot of you, the general public audience of this very wiki, oh how things have changed and become over the past months since the last 2 years, were they huge rides...

    However, that isn't the point, my point is that there is one major thing that has been bothering me about the chatroom of our wiki; too many people think mod rights are popularity tools.

    Seriously, so many users think that having mod rights means you have a lot of friends and that you are "awesome", I just don't understand why people think that way about responsibilities, they believe that whoever has these rights is considered the best of all users and catagorize t…

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  • Filly Please

    Unexpected Abscence

    February 13, 2014 by Filly Please

    Well, hey again guys, your buddy Filly here, I got something to tell you all.

    You all noticed how I occasionally go "missing" for days in the past month, and just about now where I have been out of action for more than a week, before I thought that I would be hindered by something for a temporary amount of time and I would no longer be bothered, but it turns out for me that it would take longer than usual for me to handle.

    Long story short; I am taking an indefinite absence leave, and by "indefinite" I don't mean forever, just probably a week or two, maybe a month or more. Reason I am not going be around is because of personal problems and struggles I am having right now in my life, mostly from my family, and that is all I could say.

    On a fin…

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  • Filly Please

    Greetings, my dear wikians, I have made another blog about what I think of our situation currently.

    Say, what is our current situation anyways? There hasn't been any problems that encountered us, sure, but there are things that rather concern me to say the least.

    This thing isn't limited to just the comment sections that I just lurk nowadays, which I used to participate in ages ago, it also includes the chatroom and its people.

    So, what do I need to tell you guys?

    Our wiki is filled with 10 year olds.

    Ho boy, where do I start from here...

    Basically, many things that happen in chat nowadays are unbelievably obnoxious; people thinking that being random and making no sense at all is the funniest form of comedy to users arguing with mods and disobey…

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  • Filly Please

    Ask Filly Please

    October 29, 2013 by Filly Please

    Hello there, I'm doing my own ask blog, it isn't like there is any other blogs like this where people ask other people stuff and then answer them, right? RIGHT?!

    Ahem, now, ask me anything you want as long as you don't intend to spark up unnecessary situations, whether you want to know more about my personality, more about my relationship with other people, more about my plans to put legos in everybody's sho-, I mean, uh... Anything! 

    So yeah, ask away.

    So this is a question directed at the community and hopefully a lot of people answers them.

    There are 4 types of people in this fandom:-

    1. Those who hate Alicorn Twilight

    2.  Those who like Alicorn Twilight

    3.  Those who are tired from all of this drama

    4.  and people who are Shrek

    Which one of these pe…

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  • Filly Please

    Current Situation

    October 5, 2013 by Filly Please

    Hello there everybody, Filly Please here and today we shall discuss something that may be addressed at certain people and may be addressed at anybody.

    Over the course of the last weeks, things have gone pretty nuts:-

    There are people who are leaving this place, due to many reasons, either these reasons being life being a jerk or that this place is no longer nice enough for them to enjoy it or any other reason.

    Personal reasons are understandable, but what about wiki issues being a reason to these people leaving?

    We have witnessed what happened before and all of that, people were goning hysterical and became worried and the place became a mess, and some fake rumors are spreading around that do but make things worse and stress people out, it is …

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