Hello there, I'm doing my own ask blog, it isn't like there is any other blogs like this where people ask other people stuff and then answer them, right? RIGHT?!

Ahem, now, ask me anything you want as long as you don't intend to spark up unnecessary situations, whether you want to know more about my personality, more about my relationship with other people, more about my plans to put legos in everybody's sho-, I mean, uh... Anything! Happy_Scootaloo.png

So yeah, ask away.

Bonus Question for the Community

So this is a question directed at the community and hopefully a lot of people answers them.

There are 4 types of people in this fandom:-

1. cnqcAgQ.png Those who hate Alicorn Twilight

2. VUucAcj.png Those who like Alicorn Twilight

3. xQLbD1m.png Those who are tired from all of this drama

4. SqvVxDA.png and people who are Shrek

Which one of these people are you? Leav a kumment pls kthxbai.

PS. Who says Shrek is Dreck shall be attacked with dozens of thrown onions.