Greetings, my dear wikians, I have made another blog about what I think of our situation currently.

Say, what is our current situation anyways? There hasn't been any problems that encountered us, sure, but there are things that rather concern me to say the least.

This thing isn't limited to just the comment sections that I just lurk nowadays, which I used to participate in ages ago, it also includes the chatroom and its people.

So, what do I need to tell you guys?

Our wiki is filled with 10 year olds.


Ho boy, where do I start from here...

Basically, many things that happen in chat nowadays are unbelievably obnoxious; people thinking that being random and making no sense at all is the funniest form of comedy to users arguing with mods and disobeying orders from them and constantly breaking the rules just to be the tuffest ruffest 2edgy4skool badass, and just about a lot of nonsense.

  • Drama: Saying random stuff and freaking out over nothing while bringing personal minor problems and making a huge deal out of them, jeez... That isn't the way to be, guys, you need to realize that this chatroom is not suited for that kind of subject, most people won't care and just think you are a drama-queen, get a hold of yourself.

  • Nonstop roleplay: my God, this needs to stop. Roleplay may seem fun to many people in our chatroom and I can see why, but please remember the rule about roleplay: it should not be excessive. We have PM for a reason, continue all your roleplay there, RP that continues on main chat for ages is nothing but annoying, so please respect other users and do it somewhere else.

  • Attitude: I have witnessed many types of rebellions against moderators in chat recently, and that ranges from abusing the mods and spamming emotes to literally calling them a "booger head"... Kids these days RollEyesFluttershyEmote.png  Acting like this just to challenge the mods is just childish, what do you benefit from this anyways?

  • Attitude (2): Also, to the people who complain about the rules and think breaking them is okay if no mods are around; it is not. Don't call people who remind you that partypoopers because breaking rules of the chatroom isn't something to be proud of, and remember, you can get banned for that later, that goes for a similar incident that happened weeks ago...

  • One last thing related to chat, being random does not automatically make you funny as it only makes you and your actions more annoying, remember that please.


Ah, the wiki, this is on a much less serious scale, but still the same annoyance received.

What do we have here... People fighting and arguing over their own over-analyzing theories that are most likely not going to happen, hotdiggity!

What's the use of it anyways? You're literally arguing over nothing, trying to disapprove each other's extreme theories wrong and trying to prove your own right is just hypocritical if you ask me, so please, I honestly think that you should stick to your thinkings as theories and not as actual facts, we all have different thoughts after all.

Well, all that ranting is over, hopefully you guys understand all of what is going on and try to help out the mods and admins by making their job easier and not the other way around.

Just a heads-up reminder, ya'll go have fun now, and thanks for reading.

 1tsWYY6.png Filly Please  14:55, January 29, 2014 (UTC)