Finally, a blog post from me after all these months, and this blog was made for Pinklady1.

Anyways, hello, I just wanted to notify you people about a few plotholes in "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls", and few is a very big understatment, this movie has so many plotholes you can practically call it a swiss cheese!

Here is the list of the many plotholes of the movie along with descriptions.

1. The Mane 6 not knowing what a hand is:- 

0vArfuL.jpg <---- Lyra fans will go full bonkers over this

This one was thought from Dragon Theology; RD asked confusingly "What is a hand?". 

What about the other characters of the show who weren't ponies who have hands like Spike or Iron Will or Discord? They have hands and they don't question what are they, but when it comes to the movie, it is done for a comedic purpose...

2. Balance of the Worlds:-


This one was thought from Roadside Picnic, and this is qouting him:-

"If the presence of six individuals traveling through the mirror could upset the balance of the world they travel to, how could Sunset Shimmer successfully invade Equestria with an entire teenage army without throwing the world comepletely off balance, which could possibly result in the complete annialation of Equestria (as in, there would be no Equestria to even invade)?"

This makes Sunset's plan even dumber than before, making sure she stays as the worst villain in MLP.

3. Element of Magic:-


I was reminded of this one by Dragonfufu and EpicLuna123.

Sunset Shimmer was able to use the Element of Magic and its magical abilities to turn into a demon, but here's the thing, it is clearly stated that magic cannot work in the "human" world.

It is also proven in the show that the elements cannot work by themselves, they need to be together to be activated, so there was no possible way that the Element of Magic was supposed to work by itself, it wasn't supposed to. The strange thing is that Sunset Shimmer was able to use the Element of Magic by herself, yet Spike couldn't use the Element of Loyalty in Return of Harmony, that is a big plothole right there.

You can clearly see that the writers made this plothole for the sake of the climax, and that climax wasn't even good to behing with.

4. Portal Smash:-


This one was thought from Nihi the Brony.

Sunset Shimmer threatened to destroy the mirror portal if she didn't get the crown, but here is the thing, there is no possible way she can smash it because the portal was still active, and non-living objects can go through that portal, so there is no way she would be able to smash it, the mallet would just go through the portal and hit a pony in the face (Hopefully it is Celestia if that actually happened).

5. Twilight and her wings:-


Ghostkaiba297 reminded me about this one.

Welp, the writers are at it again, they just decided to make Twilight forget how to fly all of the sudden just for the sake of a side-story and an intro, and they had to make Twilight not know how to use her wings properly after the finale where she flew perfectly, it makes no sense...

6. Not an official student, still becomes Prom Princess:-


This one was thought from Epicalaxy Master.

Twilight never registered for the school, never attended any of the classes, yet she was able to sign up for Prom Princess and won, you cannot simply make somebody who is not a member of your school into a figure and a model and reward them for being popular, especially if the Prom Princess was spending most of her time in the hallways and the library using her knuckles to type in something when she is oblivious of the fact she has fingers.

7. Psychic Shimmer:-


This one was thought from Guildmaster Grovyle.

Sunset Shimmer was in the "human" world for a long time, possibly her fourth year in it by the time of this movie because she won 3 proms before and was in a 4th one, but how the heck did she know that Twilight became a princess and that the Royal Sisters and the Element of Magic were in the Crystal Empire?

She lives in a separate world, yet she knows about everything that happened since Season 3 finale, and that wasn't even explained, just like how the writers didn't explain why she became like this.

I've noticed that most of the plotholes in this movie are related to Sunset Shimmer and her poorly made backstory, hmm...

8. Kids in High School:-

5VzN3NO.gif <--- Hey look, Scootaloo doing a chicken dance, how original!

I was reminded about this by ShadowPirateX.

The CMC and Snips & Snails are foals in Equestria, meaning they are still kids, and it is clearly shown that they are kids in this movie, but here is the problem; what the heck are kids doing in high school?!

This isn't even a charter school (a school with Middle and High school combined), it is Canterlot High, clearly a high school, and another proof is that we don't even see any other kids, the CMC were just there for the sake of it and the RD+Scootaloo fanservice sisters...

9. Friendship Beam:-

co32x0M.png  <----- This is complete BS

This one was thought from Guildmaster Grovyle.

The main characters in Equestria Girls were able to use a friendship beam against Sunset Shimmer after developing pony ears and tails and wings (that was a bleh moment), and they were able to use that beam with only the Element of Magic being present and not in their possession, yet the real Mane 6 weren't able to use this friendship beam on Nightmare Moon in the pilot episodes until they had all the elements with all the Mane 6, and the same goes for Discord since they couldn't beat him without all the Mane 6 being together with their correct element and spent an entire episode searching them.

God, these plotholes, they're done just for the sake of the bad climax...

Welp, these are all the ones I could remember and scroll through, if you guys have any other plotholes you figured out, say it in the comments below and hit the like and sub-, wait, this isn't YouTube...

Anyways, here is another shot of my mascot Carlos and his epic mustache.

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