Hello, I'm back from a long break, which was rather forced, but I guess I needed it.

Anyways, we're entering a time that the fandom fears, for many different reasons, but the most common reason is the lack of ponies; The Brony Summer.

This is the 3rd time so far we entered this phase of the season wait, people would be still going on about the finale and the season we were in, but it will gradually decrease over time, although I still see some activities related to Alicorn Twilight and whatnot.

Biggest conterversy so far going on right now is Equestria Girls, now don't get me wrong, I am hugely disgusted by the idea, but there is nothing we can do, this is Hasbro that is making that spin-off, and Hasbro is free to do anything with the MLP franchise, it is theirs afterall...

I am upset about Spike becoming a dog the most, but what can I do?

Anyways, back to the topic, the content of this fandom seemingly has worse quality stuff right now, mostly being My Little Brony making their memes from bad to super bad, they're already scrapping from the bottom of the barrel, the artwork lately is about the finale, nothing original. Surprisingly, the music base of this fandom still has its creative side, which makes me quite happy, but they only have a limited time until they start remixing stuff because they ran out of ideas.

Well, all we can do right now is wait through this painful summer, I weant through 2 and I am currently in the 3rd, my disliking of this fandom is pretty high during these periods...

Anyways, be sure to play it cool until the new season comes and don't complain about the lack of ponies, the only thing we lack is patience in this fandom.

Filly out.