Hello, it's my again Filly Please with yet another podcast-ish type of blog of me voicing what I think to the whole lot of you, the general public audience of this very wiki, oh how things have changed and become over the past months since the last 2 years, were they huge rides...

However, that isn't the point, my point is that there is one major thing that has been bothering me about the chatroom of our wiki; too many people think mod rights are popularity tools.

Seriously, so many users think that having mod rights means you have a lot of friends and that you are "awesome", I just don't understand why people think that way about responsibilities, they believe that whoever has these rights is considered the best of all users and catagorize them above themselves, believing that mods and admins are above users. That is completely wrong.

I have been going back and forth into the the Chat Moderators forum, and boy do I start hating it, examples of people who have nominated themselves in it being:-

1. Nominating themselves and cheat their way into getting rights for no apparent reason.

2. Nominate themselves because they let their ego drive them and the reason they should get rights is because they are "awesome".

3. Annoy everyone about questions when they should be moderators over and over again nonstop.

4. Or simply just nominate and support their friends because for some goddamn reason mod rights are all about friendship.

I'm getting tired from the reputation of these rights getting abused along with their forum, and so does everyone else, people should get it together and not think of these rights as a POPULARITY TOY.

I hope everyone understands my point, because this wiki is going to drive itself to the gutter if it continues to have these types of users without disciplining them.

All done, you're free to leave what you think in the comment section.

PS. have a dancing Griffin for your enjoyment.