Hello, Filly Please here, and I came to propose a game to you guys to enjoy for a bit.

It is called Trapped in Equestria, it starts out in a cliche manner where you accidentally stumble upon and find a portal to somewhere magical. While you're falling through the flux in the portal, a spirit of friendship comes to you and tells you that you are going to Equestria, in which where your memory of Earth will be stripped away (you'll retain basic cognizant functioning and education) and transformed into an Earth pony, but wait, the Spirit is assisting you with 50 mana points! You can use these points to customize your life in Equestria next, but the rules come first:-


  1. You only be given 50 mana points unless you decide to live with a drawback for more mana (scroll down)
  2. You cannot choose to be an alicorn as it is too overpowered
  3. Talents such as: (Magic) is limited to unicorns only(Flight) is limited to Pegasi and Griffons and a Dragon (if you choose to get wings) onlyAlchemy is limited to Zebras only, other elements can be used by any type of pony or creature.
  4. You can choose what gender and age and race you will be in Equestria, same goes for your companions and you don't have to spend your mana on customizing your companion's race; your companion cannot be an alicorn or a dragon.
  5. You cannot have any official character as a companion or pet.
  6. You can choose to marry and live the rest of your life with your companion.
  7. You can only choose one companion and pet
  8. You can only get one drawback
  9. If you are Lasifer or at least as cool as him, you can do whatever you want B) 


Earth: You start out as an Earth pony. You're pretty fast on the ground and pretty strong. Earth ponies get to be pretty skillful in many fields since you don't require mana to be one. Lacking hands, you will use your hooves and mouth to grab items and stuff instead, but it'll take time to get used to.

Pegasi: For 5 mana, you can become a pegasus. You can fly and get talents related to flying and get access to clouds.

Unicorn: For 5 mana, you can become a unicorn. You can harness magic and get skilled in talents related to it, but you cannot get any Fitness or flying related skills.

Griffon: For 10 mana, you can become a Griffon! You're so alpha as a griffon that you can fly and have talons that can cut stuff and hold stuff, and your roar makes people run home to their mommas!

Minotaur: For 10 mana, you become a friggin' Minotaur! Damn son, you lift, those muscles make Hercules look like a skinny nerd! And you have those majestic horns that are totally not fo' show, you have friggin' hands to grab and strangle other ponies to show them who's boss! This creature gets fitness without any charge of mana

Zebra: For 10 mana, you can become a zebra. Damn, you rhymin' yo words so good you are actually a natural born rapper! You also get the ability of alchemy for no charge of mana.

Dragon: For 30 whoopin' mana, you get to be a mother hubbin' Dragon, man! You can breathe fire with yo breath as if you have a fireplace in yo stomach! You even have better claws and stuff, you can rip someponies with them and all of that, that's so badass man! For extra 5 mana, you get wings as a bonus, now you can dominate the skies as well in case Earthies and Unicorns start complaining that you only bully them and not the pegasi, now you can beat all of their plots with yo claws and fists and teach 'em who's the boss around here.

Human: For 10 mana, you get to stay as a human. You will have the memory perk for free since you already know who you are and your body will still be physically precise to real life. Other races will be curious or fearful as to what you are, but at least you're a human, right?


Survival kit: 5 mana for this, you get a few bits along with seven bottles of water and a box of canned food and a tent, along with a flashlight and first-aid and a map of Equestria.

Bits: 5 mana for a sack of coins that are worth a pay of a guy who works in an office, you can spend 5 extra mana for unlimited bits and stuff, prove people who say money can't buy happiness wrong and build a waterpark where their houses used to be!

Melee weapon: 5 mana fo' a melee weapon! You can get a katana and chop some ponies up, get a bat and beat their skulls in, or even get a frying pan to use as a drying pan by placing it above your head while it rains! Basically, 5 mana for any melee weapon you want.

Gun: A gun of any choice?! Deagle or SMG or hunting rifle or anything?! Fo' 15 mana?! You crazy?! Pop pop pop, ponies gonna drop! Can only be used by creatures with hands and magic, though.


Civilization: You will be dropped in a city or a town for 5 mana by the spirit, better than being dropped for free in the Everfree Forest.

House: Fo' 10 mana, you can welcome yo nizzles to yo new blingy crib! Hold some part-ays, choose yo furniture and location, you can do all of that, it's yo crib after all, homie!

Memory: For 5 mana, you will keep your memory and still remember everything you did as a human and your knowledge of Earth. You will remember who you are but other will have a hard time believing your tale unless you become a human again as well.


Companion: For 10 mana, the spirit will create a companion of your choice of race and gender who will be waiting for you by the end of the portal, you can get them to be any race of the listed races except for dragons. Your companion is extremely loyal and will protect you, he/she can be skilled in many fields, including housekeeping and farming and such, they will clasify you as a close friend you can even get to make them into a romantic interest or even marry them in time and effort. Your companion is another being and does have wants and desires, and will leave you if you abuse them or make too many untoward advances.

Pet: For 5 mana, the spirit will create an animal of your choice who will be very loyal, you will start out with a mundane pet such as a cat or a dog or guinea pig or any other common pets. It understands basic instructions and will follow commands to the best of its ability. It can even assist you in battle but won't do more than be a distraction, it can also help you in finding food and items, it can also find food and water on its own, but if it is negelected for too long it can die. Spend 10 more mana for a more exotic pet like tropical birds or phoenixes or even your own timberwolf!


Magic: Can only be used by unicorns. You get more advanced magic that includes teleportation and dispelling other spells along with temporary gravity reversals for 10 mana.

Nature: You get to be skillful in farming and taking care of plants and animals and soothe them for about 5 mana.

Avatar stuff: You can be a Fire/Air/Water/Earth bender for the sake of it if you hand over 10 mana, hand over 10 more and you get to be the Avatar and do some Elemental combos on some nizzles, like holy crap man.

Fitness: For 5 mana, you can be a Martial Artist with fighting techniques, or an agile creature with stealth and climbing abilties, or you can be like those cool dudes who lift at the gym, brah, they're pretty chill B) (Minotaurs get this talent for free)

Flight: Any flying creature can get this ability for free, but for advanced flying skills with high speed and such you need to spend 10 mana, son, you wanna race with Rainbow Dash, don't you?


5 manas will grant you natural skill and special talent in one creative skill, craft, or profession of your choice (smithing, singing, cooking, art, etc) or amplify your ability in the field if you are already talented enough in real life. This skill can be realized as your cutie mark, should you be a member of a race to which that applies. You can use these skills to get a living and earn yourself some money.


The spirit informs you it can give you more mana, but such greed comes with a price, you can only choose one.

It isn't mandatory to get a drawback, you can choose to get it, but you don't have to get a drawback.

Rival: Basically, you have a Gary Oak in your life, he or she will be like you in almost every way except he/she is a little bit better than you in everything and will challenge you at the most awkward time. You cannot kill your rival and neither he/she can kill you. This gives you 5 more mana.

Solitude: You will get 10 more mana, but your time in Equestria will be spent alone, towns and cities will be emptied upon your arrival, doors and windows will be blocked and sealed and animals and beasts will tend to attack you more frequently. You cannot have the companion and pet perk with this drawback.

Outlaw: For 15 mana, you will be framed for a major crime immediatly and flawlessly, and a large bounty will be placed on your head. Royal guards and bounty hunters hound your every step. Townsfolk are aware of your bounty and will report you to the nearest guards, and you cannot stay in one place for too long. If you have a companion, he or she will share the bounty with you but will not betray you. Once you get caught, you will be thrown into a dungeon forever.

Who will you be?

Your choices are made, the spirit of friendship will put them into effect immediately. The portal closes, the changes are final, and you are dumped right into Equestria. Who did you become? What powers do you have? What will you do? Where will you go? Will you frolick and florish in the land? You will make friends? Fall in love? Will you do everything in your power to journey back to Earth by taking a dangerous quest? The die are cast and the mana is spent. Leaving you on the other side, and...


Leave a comment that include your choices, have fun!