Well, hey again guys, your buddy Filly here, I got something to tell you all.

You all noticed how I occasionally go "missing" for days in the past month, and just about now where I have been out of action for more than a week, before I thought that I would be hindered by something for a temporary amount of time and I would no longer be bothered, but it turns out for me that it would take longer than usual for me to handle.

Long story short; I am taking an indefinite absence leave, and by "indefinite" I don't mean forever, just probably a week or two, maybe a month or more. Reason I am not going be around is because of personal problems and struggles I am having right now in my life, mostly from my family, and that is all I could say.

On a final note, I am going to miss you guys, I am saddened that I am forced to leave on such an unexpected note, but I do hope for those who I care about to stay strong and be confident, and for those who are well-intending as well.

I may be active on Skype occasionally, not guaranteeing I will be there all the time, but I will try.

I will see all of you soon, take care everyone.