Who can love such a rotten rich filly named Diamond Tiara? 

Well there are Bronies out there who love this rotten filly. 

They are called "Diamond Cutters".

Here is their dA page = #Diamond-Tiara-Lovers  This is there number 1 rule = "No Diamond Tiara hate, this will result in a perma-ban. (No really, I WILL perma-ban you (More for the luls than anything else though)) This is a rather loose rule, if later on down the track you made some awesome DT art and want to be unbanned, just send me a PM."

This is their FIMfiction page = The Diamond Cutters

What is wrong with these Bronies?  What is there to like about that brat and her friend Silver Spoon (maybe like Silver Spoon if she was nicer)?  What if Diamond Tiara's Cutie Mark was a Swastika, would you still be a fan of her?

I don't see anything good about her!

In fact a Diamond Cutter would be someone who is a huge fan of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987) which is one of the worst films films of all time (thank God am I not watching that film) or they are just like George Lucas when he says that Howard the Duck (1986) is a classic (while it was awful and not for kids)!

So what are your feelings for "Diamond Cutters"?