Who here wishes that many fanfiction or fandom ideas that were not fanfiction but were actually part of the actual show?  Well I am going to put down fanfiction ideas that I wished were real on the show:

  • Nothing involving humans, because Equestria Girls made it all possible.
  • Snowdrop by Silly Filly Studios = that video was amazing and real sad.  I wonder if any of the members of the Friendship is Magic team ever saw that video? 
  • Past Sins by Pen Stroke = by far one of the best fanfictions about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  The story brings back Nightmare Moon and shows Twilight as a motherly figure to Nyx (the reincarnation of Nightmare Moon).
  • A Broken Bond by Rated PonyStar = a fanfiction about Scootaloo's scooter.  The fanfiction goes into a theory on Scootaloo's family (a dead pegasus and a living Earth Pony mother) and what would happen to her if her scooter was broken (by Applebloom in the story).  It is a good story and I recommend this fanfiction.

This is all the fanfiction ideas I could think of, if anyone out there have any other fan ideas that were real please feel free to comment.