Here are the MLP romantic ships I cannot stand.

However if there are people who like them, that's fine but I don't:

  • OctaScratch = I personally dislike this ship, because we haven't seen Octavia or DJ Pon-3 (or Vinyl Scratch) interacting with each other or let alone if they know each other.  So do we really need to ship them if they never seen together?
  • Rarity/Mares = we know that she is into stallions, so what the heck are there people making her liking mares?
  • Twilight Sparkle/Mares = watch Equestria Girls!
  • Rainbow Dash/Mares = Lauren Faust has made it clear that she isn't a lesbian!
  • Big Mac/Shining Armor = Big Mac and Shining Armor already have mares of their dreams, so keep with their mares!
  • Shining Armor/Flash Sentry = same as above!
  • Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon/CMC = if they need to be fillyfoolers, they can have each other!
  • Incest shipping = do I need to go in and explain how messed up that is?
  • Cheating relationships.