I went to the EMAGINE NOVI theatre in Novi, Michigan with my mother and watch Equestria Girls.

By now a lot of Bronies and fellow bloggers on FIM wiki are already have their own page on this movie so I'll write down what I thought about the film (both the good and the bad).


  • The humor is very enjoyable.  My mother who mostly sleeps through kids films laughed at many of the jokes.
  • I really enjoyed how our beloved pony characters looked as humans.  I have seen that many of the Bronies didn't like the humanized designs for Celestia and Luna which I didn't think were bad at all.
  • The personalities of the characters stayed the same like Trixie with her bostful attitude, the CMC wanting to be internet stars, Derpy being the master at hiding and appearing after the credits, Big Mac rarely talking, and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon doing the RUMP.
  • As for the villain Sunset Shimmer, she was great and acting "so innocent".  While I don't like bullies, I really liked how power hungry she was and what she looked like after she had Twilight's crown on. 


  • Snips and Snails as henchmen, I personally don't see them as evil but that's my personal opinion on them.  If you think otherwise about them, more power to you'll.
  • I also wish that the film was set in our world and shot in live-action, while Equestria is shot in cartoon.  I wished the humanized characters had different and more human like names instead of their pony names, because it seemed more right in that environment (including the skin color).  The high school plot seems old to me, but if they were celebrating 30 years of My Little Pony, set it (live action) around the time Bonnie Zacherle (the creator of My Little Pony) was in High School.
  • Celestia and Luna aren't good principals (until at the end of the film).
  • The number one worst moment in the movie was the fact how we might never see Flash Sentry again.  That is an outrage!  I really liked his character and I enjoyed his interacting / relationship with Twilight Sparkle and since we know that he is a real character in Equestria, so why cannot he be in the show starting in Season 4?  So even before seeing the movie I became a Flash Sentry X Twilight Sparkle shipper which was the second ship I ever supported on MLP (the first was Flutershy X Discord after "Keep Calm and Flutter On").

In the end, I loved every minute of the movie.

That is my thoughts about Equestria Girls, please feel free to leave your personal comments.

PS = FlashXTwilght forever!