I personally liked this episode. I was glad to see Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor's parents and hear them speak for the first time (surprised that Tara Strong and Andrew Francis both voiced them).

One thing that stood out from this episode was how Twilight learned that she cannot be over the top when it came to being a teacher of friendship to Starlight Glimmer. I truly felt sorry for Starlight, because she had just got to know the Mane 6 as her friends and she didn't even know her way around the castle.

Spike definitely got more development in this episode, he was acting like a teacher for Starlight and even understood her on how difficult Twilight's requirements for trying to complete her friendship lesson.

Sunburst's development was the most surprising, he clearly wanted to do more and be a wizard like Star Swirl the Bearded but he couldn't practice any magic while at Magic School. Glad that he helped save the Crystal Empire and I thought that it was funny that he didn't adjust his glasses when he learned that Starlight had traveled back in time. I just hope that Sunburst and Starlight should become a couple.

Flurry Heart was adorable and I glad that her magic is under control (so nothing happens to the Crystal Heart again).