Fellow Bronies,

I state this following message to all who enjoyed both the show and Equestria Girls.  Just as Bronies fought to save Derpy from the censors, it is our job to continue to support the cannoization of Flash Sentry.  I believe that he should be part of the show, because he is a central new figure in opening up Twilight Sparkle's personality to her concept of love.

A move like that is a positive development for Twilight Sparkle, aside from having her becoming a Princess after the Season 3 finale which help's the character to be more 3-D with their personality.

If we speek up like when it came to Derpy, because we were able to have Derpy return in Magical Mystery Cure and in Equestria Girls so every Flash Sentry fans and Flash X Twilight shippers speak up and take a stand to support the return of Flash Sentry.

Like what Tara Strong said about Twilight becoming a Princess "a birth of a new era for Twilight, but not the end of what makes the show so wonderful" so why cannot Flash Sentry be part of that process?

So whose with me.......