After what I know from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (having been a Brony for about two years) there are certain things I hope is appearing in Season 4 (or beyond if we are lucky):

  • Fluttershy's parents = who are they?  What happen to them?  Does Fluttershy wish to find them and show them how she takes care of the animals?  Or are they dead (like Applejack's parents)?
  • Scootaloo's parents = this is regarding along side with Fluttershy, the main difference is the fact Scootaloo is a foal.  Is there a possibility that she lives in a orphanage or her parents aren't pegasus?  And does her scooter have any connection with her parents (like in Rated Pony Star's fanfiction "A Broken Bond").
  • Rainbow Dash's parents = I believe Rainbow only has her dad, based off the flashback she is only with her dad and the mom is actually a background pegasus that we see within the show.  However I am hoping we can learn more about her family.
  • The voices of Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor's parents: based off what has happened within the series they are very proud parents (Shining being married to Princess Cadance and Twilight becoming a Princess).  I would love to see her parents interact with her in a episode about Mother's or Father's day.
  • An episode regarding about Spike's past (like a brother or sister locating him) or getting more about him and Rarity.
  • Will Shining Armor and Cadance have foals?
  • An episode regarding AJ's parents death, what I want more from this show is to go a little more darker with some of the subjects.  Talk about death (I mean they had Sweetie Belle crashed a funeral and they killed King Sombra) more in the show.  Or better yet explain what religious beliefs the characters have (are the Princess' suppost to be God like figures in the show) or is there a higher power of being that we don't know about (like a God or Godess if the Princess' are not Godess) in the show; and finally is their multiply religions in Equestria like on Earth.
  • Explore more on those brats Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, as much as I hate them I want to know who is DT's mother and SS parents.  Also is there a reason why they have to be mean and rotten?
  • Will Pinkie's parents or her two sister's come to Ponyville for a visit?
  • And finally: will any of the Mane Six get married or will there be hints on who they might get married to.  I know we have seen the marriage of Shining Armor and Cadance, but what about the Mane Six? 

Feel free to express your personal opinions and I'll answer back.

Wishes coming true

  • In light of the Season 4 sneek preview involving Scootaloo, we might actually meet Scootaloo's parents for the first time.
  • Also Pinkie's sisters are going to visit her in Ponyville!
  • Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are getting worst!