Now, it's true, we're not always going to get what we predict for Season 7, but I strongly think we have to see an episode about flowers and gardening, as the syndicated G1 series from 1986 had at least one episode with the word "Flowers" in the title, and that episode focused on Posey, the original Fluttershy; moreover, there's not a SINGLE episode in any of the first six seasons with such a thing.

Here's one possible idea for such an episode: Fluttershy is in her garden, eager to take her loveliest flowers to a flower show and win first prize, but after Pinkie Pie eats them all up, the two must work together to make a brand-new garden from scratch.

Background ponies that can be in this episode include Daisy, Lily and Rose, and one we haven't seen for a long time, Mr. Greenhooves.

I know it isn't very likely that the idea above will ever make it to the show, but still, an episode focusing on flowers/gardening is strongly plausible. Wouldn't you agree?

Remember, outside of the 2-episode finale, there's SIXTEEN unrevealed episodes left this season for now, and I'm sure there's still lots of room for an episode like this.