FirePuppy/Circus Ponies
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Story by: FirePuppy (fan-made episode)
Written by: FirePuppy (fan-made episode)
Featured characters: Pinkie Pie
Cutie Mark Crusaders
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Circus Ponies is a fan-made idea of an episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

In this episode, Cheerilee's class, including the Cutie Mark Crusaders, along with assistant Pinkie Pie, are chosen to put on a circus show for the fillies and colts in the city of Fillydelphia.



At the Ponyville Schoolhouse, Cheerilee announces to her class that they are going on a field trip to Fillydelphia because they have been selected to put on a circus show there. They are also to take Pinkie Pie with them as Cheerilee's assistant.

The class complains that they don't want her to come, but Cheerilee insists that she must come because the circus will be more fun with her around. Most of the foals are not even so sure about performing in front of a whole crowd of ponies, especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Preparation for the show

On the day of the field trip, each colt and filly in Cheerilee's class have selected what they are going to do onstage in the circus show. Pinkie has chosen to be the pony cannonball, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide on juggling, tightrope walking, and tiger taming, respectively. (Note: These talents were actually first revealed in The Show Stoppers).

When everypony arrives to the Fillydelphia City Circus Show, the foals scramble to random places inside the booth. They eat popcorn and cotton candy, try on funny glasses and looking in distorted mirrors, and read joke books. Pinkie orders all the foals to return back to the entrance at once.

The ponies meet Ringmaster Robin, the leader of the circus show. Pinkie asks the ringmaster if he has a special talent. He tells everypony that his job is to introduce every act in front of a large crowd, whether if it has to do with clowns, acrobats, and large animals. After the ringmaster leaves, the class goes to the makeup room. They get their faces painted and put on clown suits to get ready for their show. Pinkie and Cheerilee are excited, but the foals aren't.

The circus acts

Ringmaster Robin welcomes everypony in the audience to Fillydelphia's 21st annual circus show. He introduces Cheerilee's class (as well as Pinkie Pie) as the show's performers in the opening parade. As the circus show begins, the foals aren't quite enjoying themselves, but the audience appears to be having fun.

After the opening parade, the circus acts performed by select ponies in Cheerilee's class begin. The first one stars Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Snips and Snails, where they take on a unicycle race inside the ring, while holding hands together.

Next comes Apple Bloom's juggling act. She begins by juggling three little balls, then progresses on to juggling two balls and two clubs, and all the way to two rubber chickens, two beanbags, one club, and one ball.

After that is Scootaloo's tightrope walking act. She does amazing tricks across the thin rope attached between two platforms, from walking and running on the thin rope forwards and backwards to dancing her way across both platforms on the rope. Act by act, the audience gets more and more amused.

When Sweetie Belle's animal taming act comes next, Pinkie can't find her! Cheerilee tells Pinkie to go find her at once. Sweetie is hiding in the makeup room, completely unready to perform her part of the circus show. Pinkie encourages her that everypony feels afraid when they have to do a job that involves big animals, and it always helps to face their fears and give a smile.

Together, Sweetie and Pinkie go onstage, but only Sweetie proceeds to the ring. With all her courage, she trains a pride of three lions and three tigers while inside the ring alone. The audience and the rest of Cheerilee's class is surprised that Sweetie is so brave with the animals.

The last solo act stars Pinkie Pie as the pony cannonball. Before she gets started, she asks really loudly to the audience if they have a cake for her to land on. Confused, the ringmaster says they don't, and asks Pinkie why she needs one. She replies that it's for just in case she gets hungry again. She then gets inside the cannon, which completely resembles her party cannon. The ringmaster and the audience count to three all together, and the cannon bursts, sending Pinkie and a bunch of confetti flying out. Pinkie lands safely on the ground, and some of the confetti even reaches the audience.

In the final act, all of Cheerilee's class returns for another parade called the "grand finale". But in this act, they are doing different things than as they did in the opening parade, such as walking zebras and riding on an elephant.


Later that day, Cheerilee congratulates her class and Pinkie Pie for their amazing performances, and the fillies and colts of Fillydelphia salute them as well. Sweetie Belle and the other foals learn an important lesson: whenever somepony has to show themselves in front of a whole crowd, even when they're feeling afraid, they're never alone. As the episode ends with the class returning to Ponyville, Pinkie makes up a clown joke, and makes everypony in the class laugh.


Main characters

Twilight Sparkle N
Applejack M
Rarity M
Fluttershy N
Rainbow Dash N
Pinkie Pie Y
Spike N

Secondary characters

Apple Bloom Y
Scootaloo Y
Sweetie Belle Y
Cheerilee Y
Princess Celestia N
Princess Luna N
Princess Cadance N
Shining Armor N
Discord N
Starlight Glimmer N
Flim and Flam B
Diamond Tiara Y
Silver Spoon Y
Snips Y
Snails Y
Pipsqueak Y
Twist S
Shady Daze S


Cheerilee: We've been chosen to perform at a circus in Fillydelphia for all the little fillies and colts. And while we're there, we're bringing an assistant with us.
Pinkie Pie: Hi, kids!
Scootaloo: Ugh! Not Pinkie!
Apple Bloom: Yeah! Why couldn't it be Applejack?!
Sweetie Belle: And I want Rarity!
Foals: [clamoring in agreement with the Crusaders and disagreement with Cheerilee]
Cheerilee: Class, class! Settle down! I've assigned Pinkie Pie to be our assistant for our field trip tomorrow because she's the perfect choice for our show.
Pipsqueak: Are we there yet, Miss Cheerilee?
Cheerilee: We're almost there, Pipsqueak. The circus should be just a couple miles away exactly on this street.
Pinkie Pie: Hey, I just thought of another clown joke! Did you hear about the pony cannonball?
Scootaloo: No.
Sweetie Belle: What happened to her?
Pinkie Pie: She got fired!
All: [laughter]

Comments from the blogger

I felt that an episode like this would be an easy way for a Pinkie/CMC episode, seeing as though there apparently never has been one, nor there are any circus episodes in the real show. It took some research about real circuses to create the idea of this episode, so I hope some of you will like this idea. I don't want it to be too stupid, you know.

I might also consider showing you an entire transcript of this episode someday.