I have decided to officially close this poll, effective March 22. Here's the results:

1. Which place in Equestria do you want to see the most where two Mane Six ponies are summoned by the Cutie Map to that place to repair friendship?

  • Baltimare, Fillydelphia, Other - 8 (TIE)
  • Appleoosa - 2

I'm guessing some of you thought of "Breezie Village", which is most ideal for Pinkie and Fluttershy.

2. Including cameos, how many episodes should Trixie appear this season?

Most of you said "2+". Well, it's confirmed: Trixie's getting at least more than three, as far as I'm concerned.

3. Which unused relationship between multiple pony friends do you want to see the most in one episode this season?

  • Starlight Glimmer and a Mane Six pony besides Twilight - 14
  • Pinkie Pie and Cutie Mark Crusaders - 4
  • Spike and Fluttershy - 3

It could happen, but I don't think it will.

4. How many episodes should Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy have TOGETHER without anypony else this season?

Most of you either said "1" or "2". I'm expecting two on this one.

5. Who do you think will flunk Season 7 the most, no matter the margin?

  • Rarity - 3
  • Applejack - 5
  • Rainbow Dash - 12

I agree with those who said "Rainbow Dash". Other than the episode featuring her parents, she doesn't need much major roles this season.

6. How many episodes should Starlight Glimmer have major roles in?

  • 3 - 11
  • 4 or more - 9
  • <3 - 5

Like last season, as far as I know, she'll probably have at least five, including Celestial Advice and All Bottled Up.

7. If we get a Pinkie Pie/CMC episode, how many Mane Six ponies should be in it?

  • 1 (just Pinkie) - 14
  • 2 (Applejack as well) - 3
  • 3, 4 and 6 - 2

It's got to happen. But the majority of you guys who said "1" might be false here.

8. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had no dialogue in Season 6. In how many episodes should they speak this time?

  • 2 - 18
  • 1 - 3
  • 0 - 2

I'm not so sure on this one myself.

9. If we ever see Rainbow Dash's family, who else should be in that episode?

  • Fluttershy's family - 6
  • Scootaloo - 3
  • Scootaloo and The Wonderbolts - 2
  • All of the above - 10

Well, at least we know Rainbow Dash's family is confirmed now. However, those of you who said "All of the above", again, might be false.

(This final question was actually related to the Equestria Girls episodes set to air on Netflix this summer.) 10. What do you want to see the most in the Equestria Girls episodes?

  • A graduation party from CHS that the Humane Six is involved in - None
  • Sunset Shimmer returning to Equestria for good - 7
  • The Humane Six visiting Equestria - 3
  • Something else - 12

I should admit that I agree with the 12 who said "Something else". The series, after all, could use a fifth feature-length movie for 2018.