One of my recommendations for Season 8 has been UPDATED for December 2017. To date, here they are:

1. More Starlight Glimmer

Starlight Glimmer ID S6E2

Even though Starlight is no longer Twilight's student, as she's graduated in Celestial Advice, she still might want to continue with her character development. This season, she's already had at least two adventures without Twilight (the latter also with Trixie).

Along with this in effect, I'd also like to see the following below:

2. Limited episodes focusing on multiple Mane Six ponies

Fluttershy "if you don't take care of yourself" S7E20

For this next season, within all episodes focusing on more than one Mane Six pony, Twilight or Fluttershy has to be at least one of them. That means I want NO RariPie, NO RariDash, NO AppleDash, NO PinkieJack, NO PinkieDash, and especially NO RariJack; I'm sure we've seen a lot of all six of these BFF pairs already.

As far as I'm aware, I'm sure a lot of you never liked Applejack's "Day" Off or Honest Apple, which are both RariJack episodes.

3. Shining Armor episode

Shining Armor "loving all the... art!" S7E3

Other than Once Upon a Zeppelin, Shining Armor hasn't even gotten ONE episode for himself all series! With Season 8 coming up, we should expect at least one episode that mostly focuses on him. Don't forget, Celestia and Luna already got theirs.

4. More Spike than in Season 7

Spike sings "I was nothing but wrong" S6E16

In Seasons 5 and 7 (but not Season 6), poor Spike didn't get much main focus episodes. Moreover, his story arc is not finished. Maybe next season, he could have an episode with Fluttershy, like where he helps her overcome her fear of dragons so she can make friends with Princess Ember. I do want to point out that Fluttershy might still be afraid of dragons, and since Ember is a dragon, this would be a great idea to resolve everything.

5. Two families together

Pie sisters staring at Applejack S5E20 Zephyr puts his hooves around his parents S6E11

I thought Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy's families would interact in Season 7, but because of Rock Solid Friendship, that potential instantly became invalid. Of course, Maud Pie has appeared in at least one episode of every season since her debut, so next season, she'll still have another chance of interacting with another family. In this case, I want it to be Fluttershy's family.

6. No more episodes similar to To Change a Changeling

Starlight Glimmer addressing the changelings S7E17

Never, ever, EVER again do I want to see another episode where we see absolutely no characters that appeared in at least two episodes of each of the first four seasons, whether if they are main, secondary, or background. While most of us liked To Change a Changeling, I can tell you this: not one Mane Six pony or background pony or any regularly seen secondary pony (other than Starlight) showed up in that episode! The next time we ever see Pharynx, it better be with Spike or at least one Mane Six pony (I don't care who).

7. Absolutely no more adventures for the CMCs with their big sisters

Cutie Mark Crusaders unfazed S4E05 Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow surprised S6E14
Shown left: The Crusaders without their Cutie Marks (because I couldn't find a photo with their marks)

Ever since the Cutie Mark Crusaders earned their cutie marks in Crusaders of the Lost Mark, all they've been doing in the last two seasons were helping foals earn their Cutie Marks (like Tender Taps and Rumble), finding a true love for Big Mac, and especially always only having adventures with Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash.

Personally, I'm getting really tired with all of these. In fact, for Season 8, I definitely, deliberately, positively, certainly do not want to see any of these three Mane Six ponies ever again in another CMC episode. Honestly, those Crusaders need more adventures with the rest of the Mane Six for a change! ...Or maybe at least just one, if not more.

8. Gabby returns (with Gilda)

Gabby bouncing excitedly next to Gilda S6E19

If you recall in a Cutie Mark Crusaders episode, Gabby was the latest new member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Unfortunately, we didn't see her at all in Season 7. I'd really like her to return in an episode someday, but this time, with Gilda.

9. Gummy and Angel

Gummy bathroom floor S1E15 Angel ID S3E10

If you recall in Fluttershy Leans In, Fluttershy opened her own animal sanctuary, but Gummy wasn't in that episode. What you also should know is that in the Season 5 episode, Slice of Life, Gummy had narrative dialogue in one scene. Maybe this time, we'll see a Gummy and Angel episode that I predicted last year. What I'd like to see is an episode where Pinkie Pie asks Fluttershy to take care of Gummy for a few days while she goes on vacation with the Cake family.

10. Queen Chrysalis returns

Chrysalis ceremony podium cropped S2E26

Unless we get a Season 9, Queen Chrysalis should be the main antagonist of Season 8's finale. Her magic is so powerful, it could easily outrun any other villain's! What happens at the very end doesn't matter, whether if she dies or gets reformed. She did swore revenge on Starlight back in To Where and Back Again - Part 2, after all.

Episode chart for Season 8

Here's what I'm expecting to see in Season 8 exactly:

Two-part premiere (with Chrysalis)
Twilight Sparkle episode
Twilight Sparkle episode
Applejack episode
Applejack episode
Rainbow Dash episode
Rainbow Dash episode
Rarity episode
Rarity episode
Cutie Mark Crusaders episode
Cutie Mark Crusaders episode
Starlight Glimmer episode
Starlight Glimmer episode
Starlight Glimmer episode
Starlight Glimmer episode
Discord episode
Spike episode
Spike episode
Pinkie Pie episode
Pinkie Pie/Cutie Mark Crusaders episode
Pinkie Pie/Fluttershy episode
Fluttershy episode
Fluttershy/Spike episode
Two-part finale (with Lord Tirek)

What do the background colors mean?

Green This means the episode is not yet confirmed.
Yellow This means there's a confirmed episode I don't have on the list, and I'll need to see a conflict between two episodes to make room.
Or, there's an episode that requires two to be crossed off, and I'll need to see another episode within these two to cross them both off.
Red This means the episode has been used up.

For additional statistics, feel free to look at these pages:

Well, that's pretty much it. What do you think?</center>