According to how much information we've gotten so far regarding the film, here's my predictions for what classifitions My Little Pony The Movie will get worldwide:

North America

USA PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) For mild action.
Canada G (General Audience) Suitable for viewing of all ages. May contain some scary scenes.

Latin America

Mexico AA (All Ages)
Argentina ATP
Chile TE (Todo Espectador)
Brazil L (Livre) May contain mild fantasy violence.

All classification ratings in the Americas have been confirmed.

Europe & Oceania

UK U (Universal)
Ireland G
Australia G (General) Contains very mild sense of threat and animated violence, which is acceptable in G rated films.
New Zealand PG (Parental Guidance) Parental guidance recommended for younger viewers. Some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DVDs have this rating.
Denmark U (Tout public)
Finland K-6
France U (Tout public)
Germany FSK 0
Hungary 6+ For ages 6 and up. Confirmed.
Netherlands 6 For ages 6 and up unless with an adult. Confirmed.
Sweden 7 For ages 7 and up unless with an adult. Confirmed.


Japan G
Hong Kong I Suitable for all ages.
India U
Indonesia SU (all ages)
Malaysia U
Philippines G Confirmed. While some to most films contain themes that require viewers below 13 years of age to be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult (hence being given this country's "PG" rating), since this film's only rated PG in the U.S. for "mild action", it doesn't affect the Philippines that much.
Russia 6+ Recommended for ages 6 and up. Confirmed.
Singapore PG Suitable for all but parents should guide their young. Most children's films carry this rating. Confirmed.
South Korea All ages How could I be so stupid about self-proclaiming the film being banned in this country?
Taiwan 0+ Viewing is permitted for audiences of all ages.
Thailand G