Based on what you saw in that trailer yesterday, here's my predictions for what classifitions My Little Pony The Movie will get worldwide:

North America

USA PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) For mild action. Confirmed.
Canada G (General Audience) Suitable for viewing of all ages. May contain some scary scenes. Most to all provinces should carry this rating.

Latin America

Mexico A (All Ages) May contain a scene that involves death of the main villain without psychologically shocking violence.
Argentina ATP
Chile TE (Todo Espectador)
Brazil L (Livre) May contain mild fantasy violence.

Europe & Oceania

UK U (Universal)
Ireland PG
Australia G (General) May contain very low sense of threat or menace, which is still permitted in G films.
New Zealand PG (Parental Guidance) Parental guidance recommended for younger viewers. Some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DVDs have this rating.
Denmark U (Tout public)
Finland K-7
France U (Tout public)
Germany FSK 0 or FSK 6
Netherlands 6 For ages 6 and up unless with an adult. Confirmed.
Sweden Btl, maybe 7


Japan G
Hong Kong I Suitable for all ages.
Malaysia U, maybe P13
Indonesia SU (all ages)
Philippines PG (equivalent to MPAA's PG-13) The film may contain themes that require viewers below 13 years of age to be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult. Don't get me wrong -- many films since 2014 have carried this rating, including Big Hero 6Inside OutMinionsThe Good DinosaurZootopiaThe Angry Birds MovieSing, and recently, Despicable Me 3, which has MLP: The Movie's trailer attached to it.
Russia 0+ or 6+
Singapore PG Suitable for all but parents should guide their young. Most children's films carry this rating. Confirmed.
South Korea N/A Only remaining country without a release date or a distributor. Since I do admit that I've been a fearmongerer, I will put South Korea on hold until we get further word two months later.
Taiwan 0+ Viewing is permitted for audiences of all ages.
Thailand G

Anything confirmed will be given a green colored background.