Ever since Twilight set one of her biggest records of appearing on the show within 3 episodes -- up to A Flurry of Emotions this season -- most of us felt that she needed to take a break from the show afterwards. The way I see it now, MtnDew88 does actually have a point there. Maybe Twilight won't really be needed much most of the time, and Starlight could use a bit more development.

But, here's what really happened: In one episode (Rock Solid Friendship) plus four more in a row (from Forever Filly to Honest Apple), we haven't seen Twilight Sparkle for even one second in any of those five episodes out of nine. However, she's still in first place for most dialogue so far this season -- in fact, it's always been that way ALL season for 9 episodes straight!

So the question is, is Twilight's "big break" from the show becoming too much for her now?

P.S. Starlight also didn't appear in those same four episodes in a row I mentioned, which is indeed a disadvantage for her.