Coming in 3 months, maybe direct-to-video on DVD instead of on Netflix, are some Equestria Girls episodes. We're all excited about that. But there is something most of us should be afraid of: the last of those episodes, Mirror Magic.

As you know, Sunset Shimmer runs out of pages in her friendship journal in this episode, which means she has to go back to Equestria to get a new one. And she's gonna meet Starlight Glimmer! :D

But now for the not good at all parts: "Bring Starlight back to experience life at Canterlot High" -- You know what THAT means. Her chance of appearing in Season 8 has plummeted! :O

And what's worse, the main villain of these episodes, Juniper Montage, has a hand mirror that could make things disappear into limbo, "trapped between the two realms". This may not look good at all for Sunset and/or Starlight in an episode like this.

But what do you think will happen by the end of Mirror Magic?

  • A) Both Sunset and Starlight will be doomed to stay in Equestria.
  • B) Both Sunset and Starlight will be doomed to stay in the world of the Equestria Girls.
  • C) Starlight will stay in Equestria, and Sunset will stay in the world of Equestria Girls.
  • D) Your own thoughts.

If you don't agree with any of the first three choices, just say "D" and give a full explanation, though most of you will say "C" anyway.