Compared to what we had in the first six seasons, what do I think about each episode of Season 7? I've seen a lot of other people making blogs similar to this, so I've decided on mine. Here's what I think about these episodes:

1. Celestial Advice Important The story had to continue from where the Season 6 finale left off. The show couldn't end in a cliffhanger now, could it?
2. All Bottled Up Neutral I'm not so sure about this as a useless episode, seeing as though the Cutie Map was still part of the show.
3. A Flurry of Emotions Neutral Twilight babysitting her niece for the first time -- while it could be considered a "waste" episode, Flurry Heart needed a major role somehow.
4. Rock Solid Friendship Important For the first time, Starlight interacts with a Mane Six pony other than Twilight, and of course, Twilight isn't in an episode that Starlight is in, which we may need more of in the future.
5. Fluttershy Leans In Neutral While mostly a "waste" episode for Fluttershy, there is one important thing about her here -- she achieves her own goal of opening a new animal sanctuary.
6. Forever Filly Important This is the last important episode Rarity will ever have, IMO, since she hasn't spent much time with Sweetie Belle in the last two seasons. Plus, for the first time, Rarity has an episode where she's the only Mane Six pony.
7. Parental Glideance Important This is the last important episode Rainbow Dash will ever have, IMO, since she hasn't spent much time with Scootaloo in the last two seasons. Plus, we do see Rainbow Dash's parents for the first time here.
8. Hard to Say Anything Useless It's just another Cutie Mark Crusaders adventure with NO Mane Six ponies, and Starlight is only mentioned.
9. Honest Apple Useless It's yet another episode about Applejack and Rarity. But hey, at least Pinkie Pie took Rainbow Dash's place in an episode like this (the last one was Applejack's "Day" Off").
10. A Royal Problem Important I decided on this episode as important because for the first time, Celestia and Luna play a major role together, after six seasons of nothing like that.
11. Not Asking for Trouble Useless Arguably, just a sequel to Party Pooped, which was also a useless episode for Pinkie Pie back in Season 5.
12. Discordant Harmony Neutral Not that great, but there's something new in this episode for the first time on the show ever: Discord appears without ALL of the Mane Six.
13. The Perfect Pear Important After seeing it again, I have decided to re-classify this episode as important, since it not only features Applejack's parents, but also her grandfather as well. Either way whatever happens, this will be the last important episode ever for Applejack.
14. Fame and Misfortune Neutral Seeing as though we haven't seen a Mane Six episode all season, I'll say Neutral on this one.
15. Triple Threat Neutral Even though I'm not really a Spike fan, this episode was actually rather enjoyable. We finally get Thorax and Ember to interact.
16. Campfire Tales Useless

At first, I thought Pinkie Pie would get a role here, but instead, it's just another Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Mane 3 one with the Crusaders.

This better not happen again next season!

17. To Change a Changeling Useless Never, ever, EVER again do I want to see an episode like this where there's absolutely no ponies AT ALL other than Starlight and Trixie.
18. Daring Done Neutral While the episode wasn't actually bad at all, I'm still not into Daring Do adventures that much.
19. It Isn't the Mane Thing About You Useless Since it's a Rarity episode, it's automatically useless for me.
20. A Health of Information Neutral Since this is a Fluttershy episode (with only Twilight), it automatically prevents this episode from getting an "Important" rating.
21. Marks and Recreation Useless Why make another episode where the Crusaders deal with foals without cutie marks?
22. Once Upon a Zeppelin Useless Since we've already seen Twilight's parents in a few past episodes, I wouldn't recommend this episode.
23. Secrets and Pies Useless I was expecting Pinkie Pie to have episodes with Fluttershy and/or the Crusaders after Not Asking for Trouble, but this one actually focused on her and Rainbow Dash, again.
24. Uncommon Bond Important Since Sunburst hasn't been around all season since Celestial Advice, I'm choosing to rank this episode as Important.
25. Shadow Play, part 1 Important
26. Shadow Play, part 2 Important