It's 2018! This year, here's what we'll get:


  • This month we're getting another Equestria Girls special -- this time, an hour-length one (with commercials) on Discovery Family -- "Forgotten Friendship".

March or April

  • Season 8 will be released this spring. According to the community messages, at least 25% of this season has been leaked early this winter, but until anything official is announced, I have to keep all of this a secret. Other than that, my estimate for the premiere of this season will be anywhere between March 31 through April 14.


  • The series finale is rumored to be Season 9. It's not entirely confirmed yet, though. By then, it'll not only be a great time to buy Toy Story 4 on Blu-ray and DVD, but also to enjoy the end of FiM... for good.