After looking through that Elements of Harmony: Volume II book I bought yesterday, I suddenly have thought of an even better idea for an episode where Pinkie and the CMCs can be closer together.

Now, a lot of you should be aware that Twist's special talent is crafting confectionery, which can be seen on Call of the Cutie, the very first full appearance of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. (The word "confectionery" in a term for candy and sweets.)

Since Pinkie Pie works at Sugarcube Corner, one thing Twist could do is be Pinkie's first mentee there, just like Starlight Glimmer was to Twilight in Season 6. Then she'll make a gift for the Cutie Mark Crusaders so sweet that they would allow her to join them in their clubhouse. Once Twist becomes part of the CMCs, here's what we'd have by then:

  • Apple Bloom = CMC Applejack (Earth ponies from Sweet Apple Acres)
  • Scootaloo = CMC Rainbow Dash (Pegasi with need for speed)
  • Sweetie Belle = CMC Rarity (Unicorns with stylish looks)
  • Twist = CMC Pinkie Pie (Earth ponies with curly manes/tails and talents of making sweets)

How would that work out?