I know that in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic's first era (through Season 4), we've had all our favorite pony friends in most episodes. But when the current, second era began in Season 5, most of the writers didn't seem to care about that anymore and just went for ideas based on their own interests. That's what made some of us disappointed over the absences of whichever our favorite characters in the show are.

When I first joined the MLP: FiM wiki, I do admit it -- I wasn't paying much attention over the episodes themselves and just focused on the statistics of those episodes. Why I did this is because I had anxiety over what would happen in newer episodes as they came (after seeing what's happened in Seasons 5 and 6), usually for who's been around the most and who hasn't in each episode and season, as depicted in most of my blogs. I guess that's what gradually made everyone super annoyed about my own fears. I am truly sorry about that.

Still, I'm curious to know why no one cares about who will get more episodes and who won't be in them. Plus, I still want to keep up with the show's statistics.