All of you wonder what is in that box? And where are the keys?

But do know four of the keys.

Rarity's Generosity

She was wrong how she treated her friends they help her make all new dress for the fashion show. At the theater Coco Pommel gave her a gift before left back to Ponyville and it was a spool of rainbow-colored thread and at the end it glow of a multicolored light.

Rainbow Dash's Loyalty

She realizes that friends is more important than winning. After barely succeeds in qualifying for the Games Spitfire gave her a Wonderbolts pin and at the end it glow of a multicolored light.

Pinkie Pie's Laughter

She see that Rainbow Dash isn't having fun. After Dash's birth-iversary Cheese Sandwich gives her his Boneless to her and it gives off a multicolored glow.

Fluttershy's Kindness

She forgot about the Breezies's migratoin. Seabreeze give her a flower to thank her for returning him and the others home and it gives muitcolored glow.

Four down and two to go. So what do you think the key will be?