As I trotted up to the new pony,I said "Hello,my name is Fireshot,whats yours?" And then the pony responded "My name is Spiral Star...." And I said "Ok then,wanna be friends?" Spiral Star responded, "Sure!but please just call me Spiral,ok?" I said "Ok,sure thing Spiral! I trotted off down the hall with Spiral,neither of us speaking to one another.But then the bells "BAAAAAAA-DING-DONG-DING-DING"signaling the end of the school day,broke the silence,and Spiral said "Well...I gotta fly off home,sooo...nice meeting you Fireshot,and good-bye,see ya tommorow?" And I responded to him "Sure thing Spiral,and it was nice meeting you too!Bye!" Then I went off to find my sister,Rainbow Dash,but she wasn't where she usually was,waiting in the bleachers of the stadium...I wondered "Where is she!Oh god no!I hope she is ok!" But right as I started to panic I calmed myself down and took to the skys,and began my search for her yelling "Rainbow!Where are you?" And actually quite soon I was answered by Rainbow when she yelled to me "Im just down here ya big goof!Im practicing my flight skills and increasing my top speed so I can perform the ultimate Supersonic Rainboom!" I flew down to her and said "Come on,we gotta get home,or mom will get mad!" And Rainbow responded by flying in the direction of our house and says "Come on Fireshot,lets race home!Last one there is a sick pony!Or are you a wimp and scared youre gonna lose,Big brother?" And I retorted "I'm not scared,im just gonna win!" And we both got to the edge of our flight school, Cloudsdale flight school,and we both shoot forward,no restraint,all the while Neck-and-neck and finally we make it home,and roll to a stop laughing and laughing in joy and i say "That was fun!" Which earned me a remark from Rainbow "It was even better with you big brother!I love you Fireshot!I hope you never have to leave and we can be together forever!"