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  • Fiske Cahill

    When I watched Hurricane Fluttershy, something REALLY bothered me about the math.

    Now, RD said that if every pegasus helped in creating the tornado they would've gotten a number over 1000. So, let's stick with 1000. Before their first attempt at the tornado, 8 pegasi were reported to be sick and could not join and once Twilight calculated the affect of their absence, she realized that they would not reach the 800 minimum. If 8 poines made a 200 wing-power difference that means they each had 25 wing-power. Assuming that RD's wing-power (16.5) was the average at that point, it means that the ponies who did not participate were, at average, 8.5 wing-power stronger than RD, which is suprising since Thunderling started with a 9.6. So, it means …

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