When I watched Hurricane Fluttershy, something REALLY bothered me about the math.

Now, RD said that if every pegasus helped in creating the tornado they would've gotten a number over 1000. So, let's stick with 1000. Before their first attempt at the tornado, 8 pegasi were reported to be sick and could not join and once Twilight calculated the affect of their absence, she realized that they would not reach the 800 minimum. If 8 poines made a 200 wing-power difference that means they each had 25 wing-power. Assuming that RD's wing-power (16.5) was the average at that point, it means that the ponies who did not participate were, at average, 8.5 wing-power stronger than RD, which is suprising since Thunderling started with a 9.6. So, it means that their wing-power could not be 25 instead it could be something much lower than that. Assuming RD is the fastest and the ponies who were absent that day had roughly the same wing-power as her, that means that instead of a 200 wing-power decrease, it would be a 132 wing-power decrease which made the final wing-power 868 instead of 795 assuming that Fluttershy never came in). Thus allowing the water to be pulled up to Cloudsdale even without the help of Fluttershy but will not give them the wind-power record.

I know some of you might contest this but this is my opinion and I respect yours (not unless it's completely idiotic).

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Oh I also have one comment for this episode:

Spitfire, Y U NO HELP?!