FlakyHTFfan1 presents a My little pony fan fiction.


Part 1

It was a normal day Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie where looking in a cave. I think we need to keep looking-Fluttershy

Nah I think we have looked enough-Pinkie Pie *Fluttershy digs more* Pinkie! I found it!-F Oh really wow its beautiful!-PP

I think they want us to go and find them.-F Ponytheus Crew-10 Year-2099

  • hyper sleep beds open* *Applejack wakes up* *she walks to a tv and watches her favorite movie* *Rainbow Dash interupt's* Oh hey AJ-RD Hey Rainbow Dash-AJ How longer is it till we get to the planet?-AJ I dont know anyway I need you to wake the others up-RD Sure thing Rainbow Dash-AJ *AJ wakes the others* *others need to puke from the heat in the beds* *Rainbow Dash is seen doing pushups* They are awake-AJ Good-RD *others eat breakfest and drink coffee* So Pinkie Pie when will we get there?-F I guess soon-PP *Sweetie Belle Applebloom and Scootaloo walk in* Hello CMC-Fluttershy Hello Fluttershy!-CMC Hey Twilight?-F What?-Twi How many minutes till we get there?-F Oh! we are landing right now-Twi Ponytheus lands in 5 4 3 2 1!-Twi *Ponytheus lands* *everyone but Rainbow Dash and Twilight gets suits on cause they are staying* *crew enters the cave* Wow its amazing-F *Fluttershy finds Spike in her saddlebag* Spike why are you here?-F I thought we were going to the Candy Store-Spike *Fluttershy sighs* Do you atleast have a suit on?-F No-Spike *Fluttershy gasps* You..will die!-F Um Dragons can't die in space-Spike Oh-F End Of Part 1