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    Love all the Mane 6 the same, but I always loved Applejack just a TINY bit more since the beginning. I hate how underrated and unpopular she is. Seriously, the least popular of the Mane 6? What the hell? Everyone likes Rainbow Dash and hates Applejack. Why exactly? She is an awesome character, and deserves way more praise! But usually, people who like Applejack have smarter reasons to like her. But it is cool to think that liking her is the equivalent of being underground. :D

    But have you looked at her episode count lately? One. She got one episode to herself in all of season one. What the hell is that?! Of course, I am not counting "Look Where You Sleep" or "Fall Weather Friends" because she shares them with Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Rarit…

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  • Flame-LoneWolf

    FIM the Wiki...

    November 13, 2011 by Flame-LoneWolf

    This is an awesome wiki and I will try to help it along as much as possible!

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