Hi everyone

It´s been quite some time since I last posted a blog, but I just wanted to talk about something that my friends here on the wiki might want to know.

As some of you may have noticed; I´ve kinda been posting less comments here lately. The reason for this is because I´ve kinda gotten a bit tired of talking about MLP related stuff, even if I do sometimes reply to some of my friends comments about pony related stuff. I also feel like I´ve been neglecting most of my friends here as well, but just to let all of them know; I´m not avoiding any of you; it´s just that I´m a bit tired of MLP related conversations.

Anyway, I´ve been talking to PowerStar89 on a different site that doesn´t have to be about MLP, which feels a bit refreshing for me. We´ve been talking on this site for two weeks now and it feels a bit better that it doesn´t have to be all about MLP. Still, we have talked a little bit about season 4, but mostly about other things.

I can´t promise that everything is going to get back to normal when season 4 starts, and I´m just going to start talking about pony stuff like usual; but I´m going to try my best. Still, I hope I haven´t made my friends dissapointed in me in any way, but I haven´t really felt in the mood to talk about MLP stuff.

That´s all I had to say for right now. Leave a message down below if you want to talk with me about something.