Hi everyone

I´ve made a decision about what´s going to happen with me in the future. I need to get in better shape since I don´t exercise as often as want to, so this means I won´t be available throughout most of day, but I will however try to come to the wiki towards the end of the day to talk with some of you. Plus, I´m a bit wiki tired as well since there´s really not anything new to talk about because most of the conversations are mostly the same every day. Sorry if this blog makes any of you upset, but this is something I want to do even if it means I will be missing out some conversations with my friends. If I start to exercise, then that means I might get more cheerful, and less depressed as well. Once again, I´m not leaving the wiki, I´m just going to be less noticeable on the different pages.

I´m hoping this idea works; because if it does work, then I might return to the wiki and be available more often.

Anyway, if anyone has a few questions about this, then leave a comment down below.