Hi everyone.

I´ve been thinking if I should join the chat here on the wiki, but I don´t know if it´s a good idea for me to do that. I mean, my native language isn´t english but I´m decent in talking in english, even if I have to use google translate for some words that I´m unaware of. The biggest problem though is that I don´t really know what I should be talking about, since I have no idea what is right thing to talk about when you´re in the chat. And yes I have read the chat rules, so I know what is right and wrong.

Here´s a few things about me:

¤ I´m more of a listener than actually being the one leading the conversations.

¤ If I get annoyed about something, then I could get little angry, but it isn´t my intention to get angry on anyone.

¤ I´m autistic, so I have a harder time understanding certain stuff, while others might find it simple to understand what this person is talking about.

¤ Year 2008, I lost all my friends after college, since they apparently didn´t want to be around a person that was autistic. Thus, I´ve become more insecure about meeting new friends and I haven´t opened up for anyone except my family members. I´ve lost a lot trust in my ex friends, so meeting new ones will be hard for me. And to this very day I´m still alone, with really no friends around me except my family. I hope this will change someday in the future.

Sorry for bringing up all this, but I think it´s better that you all get to know a little bit more about me before I join the chat.