Hi everyone

I just wanted to make this blog to wish everyone a really great holiday, and it´s not going to be as nice looking as the one I had last year; with a picture from the Hearth´s Warming Eve episode. Still, I´ll try my best to make this blog feel somewhat special.

Anyway, the season holidays will be here in two days, but for me it will tomorrow; since I will be opening up Christmas gifts on the 24th December, and celebrating Christmas with my family and relatives on that day; and on Christmas Day we will in a sort of way celebrate Christmas again; without opening new Christmas gifts of course. Well, I think that´s about it, that I wanted to talk about that I´m going to be doing during the holidays, so now I have another thing I want to talk about.

As most people have noticed, I´ve been kinda absent from the wiki for some time now, and I don´t have any excuses why I´ve not be here on the wiki at all. Still, it seems that things have been going fine for most of my friends that are still around on the wiki, so I guess I shouldn´t be too worried that I´m not around and giving my friends support if they ever needed it. However, I do miss the old times when I had the energy to jump into a conversation with my friends and just talk about stuff, but I just can´t feel that same feeling right now.

Anyway, hope all of my friends are doing alright here on the wiki, and I just wanted to wish everyone here on the wiki a really great holiday.

Happy Hearth´s Warming everyone! :)