Hi everyone

Well, I can´t believe it´s already been a year since I last posted my previous Happy New Year blog, and I remembered that I said that I hoped that everything would turn out great in year 2013 as well. However, I had a lot of issues in real life, and here on the wiki; I´ve kinda lost almost all interest in talking about MLP related stuff, but more importantly, I´ve kinda isolated myself so that I haven´t been talking with my friends that I became friends with about a year ago. Still, I did meet more friends along the way of year 2013, and became friends with them as well.

Anyway, things have changed to how they were about a year ago, but hopefully in year 2014 I´ll be able to connect with my friends here on the wiki again. I know that I probably haven´t been the same guy that they became friends with, when they first talked to me; but hopefully I´ll be able to become their friend once again, even if times have changed.

Lastly, but not least, I want to wish that everyone will have great new year ahead of them. Most of you will probably spend the new year with your family and/or friends, so I hope all of you will have an incredible time with those people that are closest to you.

This has been FlameStar101, wishing all of you a Happy New Year! :)