Hi everyone!

I don´t know if anyone else have had this problem, but these past few days my Internet Explorer and Google Chrome have been acting pretty strange. It seems like everytime I come to the wiki everything seems to be loading really slow, and I don´t know why this is happening since this doesn´t happen on YouTube. Also, if I´m on one page for too long, my internet crashes since it says that is currently down. Why this is happening on just the wiki really makes no sense to me. This is a problem since I can´t really do much on wiki and I don´t know what is causing the problem. If anyone else has a similar problem or even a solution to this, then please leave a comment.

Edit: I might have found the problem in which it might be the storm Sandy. I totally forgot about the storm, and since I live Europe I wasn´t affected by it in the same way as people in America was. I´ll just have to wait for a few days until my internet might be restored back to normal. I´m hoping the storm calms down soon.